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Services Offered


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Lactation Consultations

We offer in home, office, and virtual consultation.  

Telephone Advice

When you are in need of minor advice we offer a 15 minute phone appointment.

Breastfeeding Support Groups

Each week we have a new topic that is discussed and where moms share their experiences and express what they are going through

Multi-Service Packages and Gift Certificates

An amazing idea for an expecting or currently breastfeeding mom is the gift of a private meeting with an IBCLC! Trained professionals to make sure mom is on track to a wonderful breastfeeding journey. We also offer any 3 services in a package and you receive a discount!

Prenatal Visits

We offer in-home, office and virtual prenatal visits.

Breastfeeding Workshop

This workshop is a small group format to practice positioning and latching techniques that are useful throughout breastfeeding.

Pump Effectively/ Paced Bottle Feeding/ Back to Work

For mothers who are returning to work and could benefit from preparing how to merge the home breastfeeding life with work life. 

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Learn the basics of breastfeeding and how best to meet your breastfeeding goals  from birth to 6 weeks.

For Physicians

Why have an in-house lactation consultant?

For Students

This is great opportunity to follow a Lactation Consultant through home, office or virtual visits.

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What We Offer

At Just Natural Breastfeeding we offer a variety of services that are aimed at helping you and your baby have the most premier help that you can get. We are dedicated to helping you and your baby reach your breastfeeding goals.

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If you’re looking for an EXPERT in lactation consulting, Roberta is your gal. I’m so grateful I was referred to Roberta, as she is the sole reason, I am still breastfeeding today. I had a painful latch, therefore I was exclusively pumping and didn’t think breastfeeding was for me. I was stressed out and lost, so i decided to book a 1:1 appt. with Roberta. Prior to our appt. I completed a questionnaire with my history, concerns, current situation and the goals I was looking to achieve.

At appointment, Roberta provided me with the knowledge behind breastfeeding, and instructed me how to achieve a pain free latch with my newborn. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, personable and passionate about what she does. She’s a mother herself, caring and genuinely wants to see you succeed when it comes to feeding your baby. Roberta gave me the confidence that I could get through any hurdle when it came to breastfeeding. She has great follow-up appointment and writes down a plan/recommendation to continue being successful.

For additional support, she offers in person, chat via phone app, and an online support group via zoom every other week. I am forever grateful and highly recommend Roberta! Thank you, Roberta for all that you do!

-Melissa K., November 2021

Cancellation Policy

 Appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours will not be refunded. You can reschedule one time at no cost. Appointments cancelled in more than 24 hours of appointment will have a $50.00 cancellation fee. Again, there will be no cost to reschedule appointment one time.

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