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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains commonly asked questions and answers to help you better understand how we operate as well as any other possible questions you may have! Select the arrow to the right of the question to reveal the answer. If you are still in search of an answer that could not be found, do not hesitate to ask us directly. Click on the button below so we may help you!

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  • What are your hours?
    Our hours vary daily. Please select the "Book Now" button on the service page for appointment availability. If no appointment times work for you, please reach out to us directly and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Once your appointment is booked, a staff member will contact your with confirmation and further information. We do try to schedule urgent appointments within 24 to 48 hours. In some cases, we can do same day. We are generally closed on Fridays and Sundays but will take appointments occasionally on Fridays if the Lactation Consultant is available. We will do emergency appointments on Sundays for an extra fee if the Lactation Consultant is available.
  • What do you think of a tongue tie and lip tie?
    It is not within an IBCLC’s scope of practice to diagnose a tongue or lip tie. However, we are skilled at assessing for lip & tongue frenulums (ties) and their impact on mom’s nipple comfort, baby’s ability to move milk from the breast, its effect on milk supply, and infant weight gain. We can help you to optimize position and latch techniques when baby has ties. Our priority is to use the "tricks of the trade" to optimize latch, and milk transfer before recommending referral to a higher level provider for evaluation. We can help you find providers skilled at diagnosing and intervening with lip & tongue tie (Ankyloglossia).
  • Insurance Companies we are In-Network with & Coupon Codes
    We are in network with Aetna PPO & EPO, Meritian Health, Multiplan, Prime Health Care, United Health Care, & Tricare. We can work with Cigna PPO & Loma Linda Adventist Health. Home visits: All insurance list above accept Tricare Initial home visit: INSURANCEHOME1 Follow up visits: INSURANCEHOME2 For Tricare Home Visits: TRICARE Office Visits: Code: INSURANCEOFFICE All Virtual Visits except Tricare: Code: INSURANCEVIRTUAL Tricare Virtual Visit: TRICARE
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Appointments canceled in less than 24 hours will have a $50 cancellation fee. You can reschedule once at no cost. You will be provided an appointment reminder via email 25 hours prior to the visit.
  • How are the fees and prices determined?
    Prices are set to reflect the time spent in each consultation. Our visits are between 60 & 90 minutes face to face with the client. We can easily spend several more hours on a mom and baby before and after the visit especially the first visit. In most cases we can spend up to 2-4 hours of time on each visit. For home visits, time spend in travel to and from your home requires even more time. At your first visit, we collect a focused history & physical on you and your baby. We review all data prior to your visit. We send you a reminder of the pre visit feeding instructions 24 hours before your visit. During the visit we do a full feeding evaluation, teach how to correct the problems, and verbally give an individualized plan of care for you & your baby. After each visit, the LC fully charts your visit & creates a detailed "After Visit Summary" summarizing all that was covered in the visit & a reminder of the plan and sends to you via email. In some cases, research is needed to build a great plan for you. This requires the LC to spend even more time on your case. If needed, we will send a report to your doctor, pediatrician or any other provider. We never charge more than the consultation price except for convenience fees for home visit. The cash pricing for our services are listed as a prompt pay discount. This means the prices reflect a significant discount if services are paid in full at the time of booking the appointment. Otherwise our prices resemble what would be billed to an insurance company.
  • How far are you willing to travel?
    We are located in South Corona. Home visits incur a convenience fee. They are calculated by time spent traveling to and from your home or location. Fees start at $25 and may increase dependent on location. We are willing to travel anywhere as long as you agree to the convenience fee. See convenience fee for your location when scheduling your home visit. If your location is not listed, please contact us and we will work out a fee for you. We now have 5 LC's covering different areas of Southern California Roberta covers Corona, Riverside County & parts of Orange County J. Potter also covers Corona, Riverside County & parts of Orange County J. Peterson Covers the all area's of Orange County Maria Ham Cover Murrieta & Surrounding Area including Temecula Sharlene Mracek covers Yucaipa & surrounding area, Moreno Valley, Fontana, Rialto, Rancho Cucamonga & North Riverside Having IBCLC's available in each area can ease convenience fee rates for families
  • How do I schedule an appointment and what are the prices?
    To get prices and appointment availability, click on the Services page and select the service you are interested in. Office and virtual visit scheduling is strait forward. Just choose the first available date. Hope visits can be a bit confusing. First choose the LC in your area, then choose the add on with her name & your area for convenience fee. Booking the home visit can be confusing and there may be no immediate availability. Please reach our us via a phone call or text. We will try to fit you in. We are always open to answer any questions you may have prior to or after booking. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if needed.
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