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Let Me Introduce Myself...

My name is Roberta Cervantes. I would like to offer your medical group evidence based lactation services. I have 28 years of experience as a bachelor prepared RN working with moms and babies, inpatient and outpatient. I have been a lactation specialist since 2003 and a Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2010. With my credentials and experience, you can be sure your patients will get compassionate, culturally sensitive, non-judgmental, and effective care that will meet them where they are in their breastfeeding journey.  

Why Have An In-House Lactation Consultant?

  • Improve breastfeeding rates; reduce formula use right away

  • Improve customer service; convenient for patient; this is a service all breastfeeding families are desperate to have reliable access to

  • Your office will have access to reliable lactation information quickly & easily

  • Add value to your office by having a specialist "on staff"

  • Promote your "Breastfeeding-Friendly" practice (pediatrics: Vol 135, Number 9, May 2017)

  • Access to the latest breastfeeding research

  • Will increase revenue & reduce stress in your office due to breastfeeding babies and toddlers needing less visits

  • Get your patient's lactation visits covered by insurance/medical ​​​